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What can you do when your QuickBooks File is too large?

If you are QuickBooks user and you are importing a huge file, then there are high probabilities that your laptop could begin to crash down. Although QuickBooks Enterprise is designed to handle larger database sizes, it’s also several times more expensive than Pro or Premier, both for initial purchase and for annual upgrades.

Normally the files with size more than 300 MB will begin to crash your laptop. So when you begin to feel the slowness of your system, then going for a quick solution is important which resolves your issue systematically. There are various approaches for QuickBooks file that has gotten too big. The classic approach is to start a new company file in QuickBooks that offers you a small size file. To get your accounts to set again get the user memorized reports.


  • Super condense your files and remove all the previous transactions which help you in reducing the size of your file by 50-80% and this will speed up your file transfer too.
  • Condense/Cleanup your file. There is a built-in utility in QuickBooks that will reduce the file size to some extent. In many (most?) cases, however, the file size change resulting from this method is relatively small, or the command crashes or freezes.
  • Over time QuickBooks files can become extremely large and this can cause issues with performance, such as slowness running reports, freezing and/or crashing. Contact support number for QuickBooks technical issues

Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the size of your QuickBooks file:

Run the Rebuild Utility

To run the rebuild utility unlock your file in single user mode as the Admin panel use and go to File>Utilities>Rebuild option. Always verify your file after you rebuild it by selecting File>Utilities>Verify. If the verify utility finds additional problems, run the rebuild utility again. Support for QB errors

Compress Your File

Creating a moveable company file and then restoring it can help you to compress your file.

Log in to your file and go to File> Create Copy as it will help you create a portable company file. Data recovery support for QB

Log out of your company file and transfer the file an archive folder. By doing this, you can open QuickBooks file and select to restore the portable company file you created.

Run the Clean Up Data Utility

You can also use the Data Utility feature to resolve the issue. To use this utility select File>Utilities>Clean up Company Data. This technique will reduce your file size by about 20 % and will replace detailed transactions you condense.

For more quality solutions, you can visit the official website of QuickBooks to get a reliable support for the same.

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