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Top Reasons to Avoid Backing up QuickBooks Data Files to a USB Flash Drive

If you have been relying on USB flash drive for backing up your important data files for the last several years, then you must be praised for the risk you are bearing to store your important Quickbooks data files in a fragile and unsafe device. It really sounds very unusually – as most of the people prefer USB flash drives for backing up data files – but it is right that you are putting your files at stake (especially for those who want to back up QuickBooks data files). Quickbooks data recovery support

It is high time to revise your backup strategy as we have so many safe locations wherein we can keep out data files safely. A number of small and mid-size businessmen have reported data corruption and problems in restoring the files when they plugged in their flash drive.


Unlike hard drives – that may probably show you some warning messages when they are set to die in future – flash drives are said to expire unexpectedly and without any warning messages. So, it is always recommended to avoid relying solely on flash drive for backing up your important Quickbooks data files. Pro adviser support for QuickBooks

Here are some top reasons for not using flash drive while creating a backup copy:

  • Cost:

If you purchase a flash drive with high quality, you may have to spend more for storing your data, when compared to other storage device.

  • Easy to go down or steal:

As the flash drive comes in small size, the portability of losing or getting stolen is somehow greater than any other devices. It can get misplaced easily, and once it happens, you will no longer be able to get those files back.

  • Flash drives don’t run evermore:

Because the devices appear in solid state, some users wrongly believe that the drive can go for a longer period; but they don’t. They actually run out of MTBF (Mean Time before Failure) that determines its ability to function.

  • Flash drives are slower than other devices:

Low-end flash drives can be agonizingly sluggish in transferring data files. In fact, if you are planning to create a big backup copy, it can turn into a nightmare.

  • Cheap flash drives are found everywhere:

If you roam in the market in search of a flash drive, there is a huge possibility to find a cheap flash drive. You cannot rely on a cheap-quality flash drive, if you run a business and you have to back up your important data files.  Quickbooks Helpline

There is hardly any more convenient than storing a backup copy of your data in a flash drive and put it in your pocket or bag – but don’t go through such convenient way. Enhance the security and protection of your data files by backing up them to safe locations – cloud or external hard drive.

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