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Support steps to convert QuickBooks Mac file to a Windows file

When converting a QuickBooks data file from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows, it is likely that QB users may encounter the following message on their screen: “QuickBooks is not able to convert your Mac file to a Windows file. Restore was successful, but the file cannot be opened in this version without being updated.” There may be the following reasons why this error is occurring. QB users can blame a document’s memo field having too many characters for this issue. The presence of unrecognizable character in a specific transaction and duplicate memorized reports can also be made scapegoat for this sort of error. Surprisingly, these reports are created when the file moves between QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac and there is no support for QB while using the Conversion utility. To deal with such issue, QB users can opt for QuickBooks technical support from reliable resources.

Convert-QuickBooks-Mac-file-to-a-Windows file

Following is a 5-step approach that you can use for fixing the issue without dialing a QuickBooks support phone number. It is possible that the first QB support solution may solve your problem, or you may need to go ahead and abide by other steps to make thing happen in your favor.

  • Update both QB versions to the latest release: When it comes to converting QuickBooks Mac file to a Windows file, you should first of all choose QuickBooks > Update QuickBooks in QuickBooks for Mac. After this, choose Help > Update QuickBooks in QuickBooks for Windows. OR, you can download alternative updates.
  • Execute basic data corruption checks/repairs
  • Edit the length of entries in the Memo field: To do so, just open the company data file in QuickBooks for Mac. Then, create a Transaction Detail by Date report for all dates.
  • Delete duplicate memorized reports: To do so, just open the company data file in QuickBooks for Mac. Choose Memorized Reports from the Reports menu. Verify the Memorized Reports list for the presence of any duplicate reports. After this, delete all duplicate memorized reports. Then, develop a new backup file for your QuickBooks for Windows data file. After this, attempt the conversion again.
  • Finally, you can clean up the company data file to delete an unrecognizable character. In QuickBooks for Mac, open the company data file. Choose Utilities > Condense from the File menu, select Utilities > Condense Data. Create a new backup file for your QB for Windows data file and then attempt the conversion again.

These QuickBooks support steps are likely to help you when you find it hard to convert a data file from QB for Mac to QB for Windows.

If not, simply dial a toll-free technical phone number for QuickBooks support for data conversion.

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