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Simple protocol to set printer to print invoices from QuickBooks 2015

QuickBooks accounting software provides QB users many ways for sending invoices to their customers. If you are already invoicing your customers by using some manual methods, then it’s good news for you. With QuickBooks 2015, users can print invoices and then mail the printed invoices in a couple of ways. You can also print a single invoice by clicking the Print button at the top of the Create Invoices window. You can also print a batch of invoices in QuickBooks by clicking the arrow button below the Print button, simply by selecting batch from the menu that QuickBooks displays, and then using the Select Invoices to Print dialog box to select Invoices for printing. After you select the invoices that you want to print by clicking them, click OK. Proadvisor  Support


While printing invoices from QuickBooks 2015, you need to set up the invoice printer settings only once, but you need to identify a handful of general invoice-printing rules. To set up the printer to print in QuickBooks 2015 invoices, follow these steps:-

  1. Choose File Printer Setup. From the Form Name drop-down list, select Invoice.
  2. Select the printer that you are going to use to print invoices.

Activate the printer name to see installed printers.

  1. Select the printer type.
  • The Printer Type drop-down list describes the kind of paper that your printer uses. You have two choices:
  • Continuous: Your paper comes as one connected ream with perforated edges.
  • Page-Oriented: Your paper is in single sheets.
  1. Now print an invoice on real invoice paper

When QuickBooks displays align printer dialog click it, choose the type of invoice you want to print. Click the print sample button to inform QuickBooks to print a dummy invoice. This dummy invoice will help you to check how your invoice will look like. Printer invoice support for Quickbooks

  1. You can use these gridlines if you need to fine-align your printer.

Clicking the Options button in the Printer Setup dialog box opens the selected printer’s Windows printer setup information, where you can do such things as specifying quality settings or print order.

  1. After setting printer alignment now save the printer setting stuff.

In case, you want to print invoices in a batch with QuickBooks 2015, simply you only need is to check the Print Later check box that appears in the Create Invoices window’s ribbon. This check mark tells QuickBooks to put a copy of the invoice on a special invoices-to-be-printed list. For more details regarding QuickBooks invoices print, visit the official website of QuickBooks and get optimized tips or the same. For this, simply go to QuickBooks official site and choose the support services of your choice. Finally, if you are confused or none of the above tips work for you can contact a third party support providing company which offers you quality solutions to set up the Printer to Print QuickBooks 2015 Invoices instantly.

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