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How to resolve QuickBooks emailing issue?

A lot of QuickBooks users have been seen complaining about mail problems on QB forums, Intuit community, or other forums that they are not able to email from QuickBooks. There are lots of QuickBooks emailing issues, such as QuickBooks email not working; QuickBooks email support; QuickBooks email template;


QuickBooks email multiple invoices; QuickBooks email paystub password; QuickBooks email setup in Gmail, and QuickBooks email paystub. Whenever the message ‘QuickBooks email not working’ hits your screen, there can be multiple reasons for the occurrence of this issue, including:

  • Incorrect email configuration.
  • PDF Converter not working.
  • Damaged file.

Whenever such odd things happen, QB users like to go to The Internet in order to find the relevant fix for a non-functional email. When it comes to finding the best fix for the resolution of the issue, QB users need to identify the root cause of the issue first. Below mentioned are some troubleshooting steps that can help QB users find the root cause of the issues with no hassles. These steps include:

Simply, open an invoice & go to file-save a pdf. Then, save the same on your desktop. If you find that you are able to save it easily, it shows that the pdf converter is functioning smoothly and you just need to troubleshoot email configuration or data damage. Moreover, if you are getting an error while saving the invoice as pdf, what you simply need to do is to run a pdf diagnostic tool to fix the issue. If the tool fails to make things happen in your favor, you can try the other way with the following steps:

  • First of all Download Windows 7 XPS Document writer to your computer.
  • Then, you should create a new folder on your desktop and extract the downloaded files.
  • After this, it is right time to go to Open Devices and Printers and delete Microsoft XPS document writer.
  • Once you are done with it, just click “Add a new printer” option given on the top of the screen, and click “The printer that I want wasn’t listed.”
  • Now, you need to select “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click next. Then, create a new port.
  • Choose a Local Port from the dropdown and give it a new name titled XPS. Quickbooks Technical Assistance for Login Errors
  • Then, click ob browse and choose the “prnms001” option from the extracted folder displayed on the desktop. After this, replace the existing file.
  • Make sure, you do not share it and don’t make it the default printer.

After this, you can try to save an invoice as PDF. If you are still clueless, then you should check with the email configuration setting or data damage. You can also take technical support from QuickBooks support center or any other independent technical support company to resolve the issue of emailing from QuickBooks.

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