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Reinstalling QuickBooks Pro 2010 program from a crashed computer

Known for tracking finances, organizing money, and helping you make better decisions QuickBooks Pro 2010 from Intuit is, without doubt, a better way to save money and manage your business better in an effective way. This financial and accounting management tool helps you stay on top with all essential information in one place. Sometimes, unexpectedly, QB users find themselves helpless when their hard drive gets crashed and they have no backup. In such a weird situation, the best thing one can do is to take help from QuickBooks technical support experts via dialling a toll-free phone number.

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After a crash, it is likely that you will restore QuickBooks Pro 2010 with a re-installation process of database re-storage. To do so, you have to recreate entries that you have made between the time of crash and the last backup. The value of a backup becomes a prime task when you have already lost your hard earned data owing to different disclosed or undisclosed reasons. QuickBooks support for data back up from a crashed computer can work well for QB users. Let’s have a look at some steps that can help QB users easily install the QuickBooks program. These include:

  • Plot a course to the download page for QuickBooks Pro 2010 in case you have no original disc or if you purchased QuickBooks copy online and downloaded an installed copy.
  • Put your license and product numbers on the case of the original media. You can also choose “Look Up Your License Number” and enter the business phone number displayed on the file. After this, choose “Retrieve My License Number.” Then, you need to open your email program and recover an email from Intuit with a product key and your license.
  • Then, place in the original CD or DVD and let the installation program go ahead. After this, choose “Next” to start the installation.
  • Abide by the license agreement and choose “Next” to continue.
  • Select “Express,” and tap “Next” for the default installation options.
  • Enter the number of the license and product respectively. Now, choose “Next” to review the confirmation screen. Go for “Install” to start the installation process. Select “Finish” when QuickBooks Pro 2010 is launched by default.

Steps to restore company database

  • Choose “File,” and tap on “Open or Restore a Company.”
  • Choose “Restore a Backup Copy | Next | Local Backup | Next.”
  • Tap on the “Look In” list box and choose backup file location.
  • Choose the company’s QBB file from the list of backup files. Also select “Open,” and click “Next” to make things happen.
  • Tap on the “Save In” list box and choose the location to store the QB files. Fill in details of the company name and ensure you have the “QBW” as save extension. After this, go for the “Save” option.
  • Sign in to your QuickBooks company database and change the company name back to its original name.

These steps will surely help you restore QB database from a crashed computer. If not, seek expert help without any further delay.

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