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Reconciliation Problem? Hints are in Your QuickBooks!

So, you are now ready to reconcile your bank accounts. But you still wonder if it will work out properly. Reconciliation is not challenging at all, but it doesn’t always appear to be simple and error-free. If you are experiencing technical problems, you don’t get panic as clues are available in your QuickBooks.

Reconciling banks and other accounts in QuickBooks is always one of the most required things that a business needs. It increases the accuracy in your financial activities – you can easily get the best of your business accounts with increased correctness quickly.

Unfortunately, the task turns into a frustrating job as the bank statements and accounts appear to be challenging to reconcile in most cases – though the things are different, if the task is executed properly.


When using features and applications of QuickBooks to reconcile bank accounts, it is likely to appear so many user-friendly tricks within the accounting tool which can be used to make the task easier and smoother. Else, QuickBooks technical support from an experienced professional can help you overcome all types of technical errors easily and quickly.

Here are some common reconciling errors that you may come across while processing your job:

  • Mistakenly cleaned up transactions that were not on the financial statement.
  • Erroneously, forgot to notice a wrong amount figure in the statement.
  • Couldn’t include transactions that are showing in your statement.
  • Couldn’t specify the taxes and other charges in your QuickBooks.

Though the mistakes mentioned above can easily be resolved with the help of worthwhile QuickBooks tech support, however, you can avoid these things completely if you execute the following tricks:

Verifying your account:

Have you checked you are reconciling a right account? Verifying your bank accounts is the foremost trick to apply before you reconcile them in your QuickBooks. Though it sounds impractical, but you may be reconciling a wrong bank account, if you own several bank accounts.

Check if there is any missing transaction:

You must ensure that the bank account that you are reconciling does include all transactions. If you are reconciling a particular bank account, then check if the bank has included transactions that you have never done.

Check your data entry properly:

Here is another aspect to think about – have you entered right transactions? There is a possibility to have problems while recording so many transactions. And they don’t match; QuickBooks don’t process your reconciliation. These types of infrequent errors can easily be resolved using extended expertise and experience of a reliable tech support professional.

Use online banking:

It is really an easy and user-friendly way to reconcile your bank accounts in QuickBooks. You can fetch the data electronically and place them correctly in your QuickBooks – which is probably the most accurate and error-free data entry process.

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