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QuickBooks Support Tips For Product-Based Businesses

QuickBooks is the best-selling financial software used by big and small business organizations. It covers a range of features from order processing and sales management to inventory control and payroll. This software takes care of all aspects of bookkeeping and accounting for a business and helps keep track of its day to day revenue and expenses.

Inventory and accounting management are essential components to all small and big businesses. If you are looking out for a financial management product for small businesses, then here are some of the useful QuickBooks tips and practices on a variety of customer service issues which help you in successful product based business.


QuickBooks Support for Creating SKU’s

As your business grows, you start to work with superior buyers; you will find out that they all need unique SKU numbers for every product. For example, if a shirt is available in three different sizes, then it should have 3 different SKU numbers (e.g. DME-BL-A, DME-BL-C, and DME-BL-L). Support for Quickbooks is what offered from certified Quickbooks technicians to expedite help on creating SKU’s. You can also visit to find out more helpful links on SKU’s creation and also get instant access to Quickbooks phone support services for troubleshooting Quickbooks problems.

These SKU’s are important for your business relationships and also helps you in organizing your record with SKU’s for products and its variants gives you the prospect to have a true list count of your complete stock.

Get QuickBooks Support To Create Create Single Item For Wholesale and Retail

Having two separate items one for wholesale and another for retail creates completely different record stacks. The best thing is to make one item listing with multiple retail price levels. You can specify items based on their order level i.e., taxable or non-taxable. If you find little difficult to do it yourself then you can seek Quickbooks support by calling Quickbooks technical support phone number.

To Organize Your Transactions Get QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks software has two set of categories to help you to identify similar data – classes and types. Classes are used to differentiate diverse kinds of transactions, whereas types are assigned to a single person job, customers and vendors. If you use these categories accordingly, then it will make it much easier to arrange your books later on. Enterprise support for quickbooks 

Get transaction related help and support by visiting in order to organize them categorically in more meaningful manner that would help later at the time of generating reports.

Get QuickBooks Technical Support To Track Tracking Using Bills

After you receive any type of records from your seller, you should add it to your account.

The most excellent way is to create a bill that adjusts your records complete list for you. This bill also allocates you to keep track of what you owe your suppliers. Using this process will make sure your QuickBooks stay up to date and facilitate you to keep follow up of your terms and payment due dates.

Visit Intuit Quickbooks website that offers a range of quality features. It’s quite hard to fully get a grasp of QB functionality. Still the best way to simplify Product-Based Businesses is to use order & inventory management applications like “Lettuce” it incredibly simplifies your orders and save processing time. You can easily synchronize with QuickBooks and perform all your important business functions in one effortless, online application.

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