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QuickBooks POS Desktop Version Problems and Solutions

If you are Navigating software world for your business, then it can be incredibly frustrating. With the never-ending flow of version updates overviews. If you are thinking of upgrading to QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop version 12.0, or already have upgraded the version, then you will notice a lot of changes as compared to your former software QuickBooks. If you facing any issue in QuickBooks POS Desktop Version, then you can contact a third party support providing company proffering Point of sale technical support for QuickBooks in an efficient manner.


In case you upgrade to QuickBooks desktop version and you are facing some technical issues in opening your company file or you are unable to start your POS server then you can dial a toll-free QuickBooks Support phone number and get instant help from the certified QuickBooks technicians.

The main reasons of QuickBooks POS Desktop Version Problems are mentioned below:

  • The Server Workstation must be turned on which may cause issues in POS.
  • Firewall software must be correctly configured to allow POS components to access needed ports.
  • The database is damaged.
  • The software update has interfered with interpreting your POS database file.

Why this is happening

The QuickBooks POS issue can be caused because of these connection problems:

  • Turn off Public file sharing in windows network and sharing center.
  • The server workstation is not in multi-user mode.
  • Changed or dynamic IP address.
  • A firewall is blocking access to the server.
  • Your customer workstations aren’t on the same as on Windows service pack.

If you want any type of technical assistance, then you can get expert technical support for QuickBooks POS and get technical help from certified QuickBooks experts in an efficient manner.

How to fix it

  • Make certain you are not using a dynamic or changing IP address with your workstations. If you are using so, the network needs to be configured to “obtain an IP address automatically” through network properties.
  • In case your computers are on a domain network, ensure all are in the same subnet and have diverse computer names.
  • Restart the computer often fixes the majority of connectivity problem between workstations.
  • After then, if the connection is through a router/hub, reboot the connection and make sure all ports are correctly connected.

After applying all these steps and still are facing in  your QuickBooks POS desktop version, then consult a technician by dialing QuickBooks POS Support phone number and get quick remote access for your software needs.

For getting more methods and solutions you can visit the official website of QuickBooks support page and get instant help for the same.

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