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Perfect ways to Back up your company file in QuickBooks for Mac

Whether you are looking for desktop accounting software or online accounting software, QuickBooks accounting software developed by Intuit works well whenever you need it. QuickBooks saves you money as well as time and helps you in running your business in a well-organized manner.

Intuit’s QuickBooks account software is actually the top information technology computer software for business persons who want to keep their finances planned and flawless. A QuickBooks accounting software user looks after its business via software programs and controls the flow of money within the company. Quickbooks Support  for Mac

Quickbooks for mac support

A corrupt or damaged QuickBooks company file can destroy your productivity and cost a considerable amount of time and income to re-establish your financial data. Before backing up your QuickBooks company file on a Mac computer, organize the program’s backup preferences to choose a location for the backup file. You can also activate automatic backups that save your accounts data when you leave the program. Payroll support for Quickbooks

QuickBooks also categorizes your business with its splendid features, but some of the time you probably will find that it’s not working correctly as planned. For this, technical support for QuickBooks helps you in maintaining accuracy of your QuickBooks account successfully.

Steps to Backup your company files in QuickBooks for Mac

  • First of all, launch QuickBooks for Mac on your device and tap on “QuickBooks” tab in the main menu bar, and then opt for “Preferences” followed by “Backup” to open the Backup preferences dialog window. Enterprise support for Quickbooks
  • After this, tap to enable the “Automatically backup company files every” checkbox, and then select your preferred time interval from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the “Save backup files in” drop-down menu button and select the location for the backup file. Use an external drive if you have one accessible, or pick a folder from the time Machine drive.
  • Tap to enable the “Overwrite last backup” checkbox.
  • In case you want to save disk space, overwrite the previous backup file with the latest version.
  • Tap to enable the “Encrypt files with password” check box, and then tap the “Change” button to set a new and secure password.
  • After this, opt for the “Save attached documents library” checkbox to store a copy of all attached documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, with your company file in the backup.
  • Finally, click “File” in the main menu, and then choose “Backup” in the drop-down menu to backup data at any time.

For more assistance for backing up your company file in QuickBooks for Mac, contact a QuickBooks technical support providing company and get relevant tech assistance solutions for the same.

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