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Overcoming Condense data error in QuickBooks

Feature rich accounting software QuickBooks from Intuit has been a great boon for all small as well as medium sized business in the United States as well as Canada. Surprisingly, the smart tool is not free from some weird and unexpected errors. Condense data error is one of them that create chaos between data and database entries. Let’s discuss the same issue raised by a large number of QuickBooks users. Some users complain that they archived QuickBooks data but, somehow, put in the incorrect date. Now, they think of bringing this data back into the main database. Now, users are helpless and find it hard to get rid of condense data error and bring the best out of their accounting devices.

Sorry to say there is not an “undo” option for data condensing. If there is such a button, things would be sorted out with no hassles. Interestingly, only the “undo” bank reconciliation feature in the newer QuickBooks versions. With the condense feature, all QB users need to go for data backup. Some QB users may be interested in restoring the back up and get the file back to the destination before they did the “condense.”

If the backup files are not corrupted or damaged with the newer QB versions, the condense process will o create an “archive” copy of the data. It is simply a copy of the data file as it was prior to the data condense issue.  The file created will purposely state Archive Copy, date of data creation, and the original QB data file name.


In QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 5.0 (QBEA-5), Go to file first and then choose the open button in order to navigate to the folder where you will find saved original data file.

You can prefer restoring from a back up, but the archive copy can offer QB users another alternative. QB users also need to keep in mind that the QuickBooks help documentation states specifically “Important: You should never use the archive copy for active data entry.” If QB users get the file it was available before the condense, it is possible that they can either re-enter the data (furnished in the incorrect file) or use data transfer utilities available. So, the best users can do is to automate the process of transferring new transactions into the old file.

Above mentioned details are likely to help QB users resolve the issue of condense data error in QuickBooks. If they are still having issues, then taking help from QuickBooks tech support center can make a real difference.

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