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Emailing Scores of Invoices in Batch in QuickBooks

Several QuickBooks users hardly know they can send multiple invoices to different recipients using their QuickBooks accounting software – especially when it comes to emailing statements and invoices. Getting the task completed instantly within a shorter span of time is somehow one of the most desired efforts for accountants – and QuickBooks stands to be the most efficient accounting tool to make it happen. 

QuickBooks gives you three choices you can send your email through:

  • Web mail (web based email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and others).
  • Microsoft Outlook.
  • QuickBooks E-mail (through Intuit servers)

QuickBooks comes compatible with a number of email services so that you can use them to email statement and invoices through your QuickBooks. With the latest updates, QuickBooks is now more efficient and capable of handling most of your commands with an increased accuracy. But in some conditions, you will have to contact a reliable QuickBooks technical support technician so as to overcome any impending issues that may probably come in your way.


With the changes, you can do the following:

  • The option “Send Emails” has been revamped, and now you have added control over the way you have been sending invoices and statements.
  • It now allows you to send customer payment receipts through your email.
  • Some new tabs such as Customer, Vendor and Employee Centers have been added to the “Sent Email.” You can now check the history of sent email messages.

Once you customize your QuickBooks in accordance with your requirements, it takes you through a simple process to send invoices and statements through your QuickBooks; provided that you have customized the QuickBooks email services. If you find it challenging to make it in your own way, then dial QuickBooks customer support phone number to access a reliable technician.

First of all, it is necessary to specify that you have to send the invoice or statement. Once you generate an invoice, you will see two windows asking you to confirm your action – “To be printed” and “To be e-mailed.” If you really don’t want to waste a paper (which is indirectly related to the environment), then you will always go for “To be e-mailed.”

Once you choose the option “To be e-mailed” the selected invoice is lined up to be emailed. In the same way, you can do with other invoices. If the invoices are ready to be emailed, you can get a preview of your messages that are headed to your different clients.

When it comes to adding more than one recipient in the email window, you have only two fields – Main Email and CC Email – to work with. These two fields allow you to add multiple email addresses just by separating them with a semicolon. To accommodate email accounts, these two fields are much more efficient to get about 1,023 characters – which is actually enough for sending emails to multiple recipients.

So it’s very simple to take the task further without any technical flaw. In case of any technical issue, you would better access Intuit QuickBooks support so as to keep all types technical issues at bay.

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