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Easy Tips to Configure Printer for Printing QuickBooks 2015 Invoices

Every so often, you require printing invoices and other financial statements for your business. Once you clinch the sales, you have got to generate the proof of purchase for the same items so as to keep records of all financial transactions. But, what if your QuickBooks 2015 fails to print the invoices? It sounds awful as your business can never tolerate the situation caused by ill-configured printer.

So, if you want to print invoices for your business without any technical problem, you should configure the printer using appropriate procedures for only once – but make sure you have got your printer upgraded with the latest features and hardware, so as to avoid any type of conflict between the driver and printing machine.


Here are some easy tips to set up your printer for printing invoices using QuickBooks accounting software suite.

To configure your printer, please go through the following steps:

  • Go to File and then click on Printer Setup,
  • Choose Invoice from the drop-down list,
  • Choose the machine that you have to use for printing invoices

You have to click on “Activate the Printer Name” in the drop-down list to get the list of installed machine with your computer system. And then select a particular one to use for printing your invoices using your QuickBooks accounting software.

  • Choose the printer type

The drop-down list having types of printers details different sorts of papers that your printer makes use of while printing invoices. You will generally get two kinds of papers:

o          Continuous: It comes as one connected ream with punctured boundaries.

o          Page-Oriented: It comes in single sheets.

  • Choose the kind of invoice

When you start setting up your printer, you would be asked to configure a particular type of invoice form that you are planning to print. You will get the options such as Intuit Preprinted Forms, Blank Paper, or Letterhead.

  • Now check if the setting works properly

Once you complete the above process, you should now print an invoice to make sure everything works properly. Go through each and every aspect so that you can make sure it is working as per your requirements.

If you come across any form-alignment issues, correct it and save the settings to complete the configuration procedure. In case of any alien issues that you are not getting properly, don’t delay and access QuickBooks printer technical support offered by experienced professionals.

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