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Create QuickBooks Accountant Copy for Clients in QB 2008 or Later

The QuickBooks Accountant Copy matters the most on paper. In the accounting world, it is necessary to coordinate work with a certified public accountant (CPA), tax adviser or bookkeeper. It is also likely that the CPA can ask for an Accountant Copy. When it comes to having this option in desktop versions of QuickBooks, you can find the ‘Quick primer on the QuickBooks Account Copy’ feature which allows you to keep working in QB when accountants edit the historical data of the company. Typically, it is needed when tax is calculated on the previous year by accountants. If any issue is faced, QuickBooks technical assistance can be taken from QuickBooks support centers to make things easy.


An Accountant’s copy is an official document or company’s client file which is reviewed and edited by an accountant while the clients continue to use the file at their office at the same time. Following are some steps that can be used in order to create an Accountant’s Copy for clients in QB 2008 or later:

  • The very first step that you need to do is to go to the File menu and click Accountant’s Copy. Then click Client Activities, and click Create Accountant’s Copy.
  • Then, click the Next button.
  • After this, you need to enter a Dividing Date, the date that separates the segment of time your company works on and segment the accountant work on.
  • Once you have done with this, you need to click the Next option.
  • Then, change the filename suggested by QB for the accountant’s copy. Also ensure that the file must carry a .QBX extension. (This step is optional)
  • Change the suggested location for the file. (This step is also optional like the last one)
  • After this, you need to click Save. Then, the QB application title bar shows “Accountant’s Changes Pending.”
  • Now, you have to give the .QBX file to your accountant.
  • Finally, you have to continue working with your company data.

When it comes to the functionality of QuickBooks Accountant Copy, check it how it works:

First, define a “dividing date” of the previous year. After this, QB will create a copy of your file called ‘the Accountant Copy of your company file.’ Both files carry the same data. After having the dividing date in your regular copy, you can only add or change data. In the same manner, CPA can only add or change data before the dividing date shown in the Accountant Copy. Your CPA can work on copy of the file and make all the changes. After this a file is created with all the changes.

After this you will be able to make necessary changes in the regular company file.

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