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How to convert QB Windows to QB for Mac?

If you have a successful QuickBooks accounting software with Windows based computer and a QuickBooks desktop version, then you can easily convert your QB Windows to QB for Mac. But, recently, many of the clients want to move to QuickBooks for Mac. Intuit now have ensured that there would be a ‘process’ whereby the  QuickBooks for Mac users can share their informative data with their accounting experts who might be using the Windows version of QuickBooks. This procedure of sharing is tenderly known as ‘round-tripping’. This process is quick and simple in terms of use; there are a few things which you should keep in mind while following the steps:

  • For this, both the Mac user and Windows user must have the same year-version of QuickBooks installed on their devices.
  • The files that are exchanged are ‘full copies’ of the data, they are not like an “Accountant’s Copy” or “Accountant’s Change File”.
  • Keep in mind that some features of certain versions of QuickBooks for Windows do not exist in QuickBooks for Mac, not all data may be displayed between versions. Occasionally some technical glitches may occur, you can contact a QuickBooks tech support providing company and resolve the issues instantly.


For receiving a file from your QuickBooks Mac client, first of all, verify the data before preparing for the backup copy for storage. Ask your clients to send you a profit and lose files reports. You can use these reports to verify and restore your client’s data. If your client has sent you a well- prepared file, then you receive QB Windows backup of data files. Quickbooks payroll support

Steps for transitioning a file from QB-Windows to QB-Mac:

  • Always in your QuickBooks for Windows prepare a Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • From the Menu Bar, select File> choose Utilities, and then select Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac.
  • Now QuickBooks will display a Save Exported Company file to… dialog box. In case you are sending the file via flash drive or email, you are recommended to save the file to your Computer’s Desktop; this will help you to make copy of the file to flash drive,
  • Now, you can send the ‘Mac backup’ version of the file to your Client.
  • For this, your client should also prepare a backup of their current file.
  • Your client should now restore the file using normal QB for Mac procedures.
  • With these steps, QuickBooks for Mac will convert the file for use.
  • Lastly, after opening the file, your client should run a Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet with the dates set to all. If these reports are same, then your client can work with this new file.  If they do not match, they should verify the file first to rebuild their data.

In most of the cases, the process is simple and this process is indented as an occasional exchange. Intuit has offered these easy steps for exchanging data between QuickBooks for Mac and QuickBooks windows.

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